spotting Vivienne Westwood fakes.

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when lookin for a bag ALWAYS ask th seller what colour the dustbag is. I bought my first Westwood bag last year for my b'day from the website and it came with a white brushed cotton dustbag with gold writing on it. Anything different is 100% fake so steer well clear. Also stay clear if the seller is from abroad especially Japan, China or Phillipennes. These are awful fakes!!!


they say Westwood bags are an investment so anyone selling them for around £80 is a joke. Don't waste your time. There are a few geunine bags that come through ebay but you've got to snap them up fast.

if unsure there are loads of websites that sell her stuff. if not wanting to buy a bag on here just save up and buy the real thing. they're so much nicer!!!!!!!!!!

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