spotting fake yu gi oh cards

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fake yu gi oh cards are very hard to spot as they are begining to look more and more like the original cards i have a few tips for anyone who is worried thatthe card they are looking at is a fake

1. yu gi oh cards come in 1st editions and unlimited editions .

1st edition genuine konami cards have a gold yu gi oh hologram on the bottom right hand corner of the card not a silver hologram like 99 per cent of the fake cards going around have

2. unlimited cards have a silver edition but do not say first edition on the left hand side just under the picture of the card

3. the number of the card which is usually between 2-4 letters followed by a set of numbers helps you tell if the card is fake i use a site called greylight to check they have every card listed along with the number and wether it is a rare card which has just the name of the card in silver a super card which is where the picture is holographic but not a shiny title then there is ultra which is shiny title and a holographic picture then last but not least the ultimate where the picture is engraved and the stars and title are raised too, the only other type of cards are the secret , limited editions and promo cards the secret cards have silver title and a reflective holographic picture ,The limited editions have limited edition written underneath the picture on the left hand side and the promo cards are  cards given to duelists in tournaments or shonen jump magazine giveaways these usually start with jump then the number of the card or dl or hl then numbers this stands for duelist league and hobby league .

4. Most fake yu gi oh cards are all engraved and the texture of the card is rough genuine konami cards do not have a rough texture nor do they have a gold border like most fake shiny cards have


i hope this helps you all i found out the hard way i purchased a lot of fake cards when we first started collecting yu gi oh cards then i got told by a very loyal friend who owns a trading card shop and also runs the yu gi oh local hobby league how to spot them , it has saved me a fortune and we now have a large collection of genuine yu gi oh cards .

Dont be afraid to ask the seller about the hologram this is the easiest way to find out if its fake or not sometimes you can see it in the listing picture so you dont have to ask but if not e mail the seller and ask politely .


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