st Albans model club at the lake

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I live in Hemel Hempstead and my nearest lake to sail my boats is St Albans where the club meets on sunday morning,i would however warn you AGAINST visiting,i have never met a more unwelcoming bunch of medel boaters in my life.dont even try to stary a friendly conversation with any of them and its obviously a mortel sin to ask about membership to there exclusive little old mans club,on my last visit for example there were 8 or 9 members playing with there boats none of whom were willing to be pleasent or even conversational there day was revolving round sitting in there deckchairs and ignoring any questions asked by the public,30ft away was a young boy of about ten with a purchased ready made up electric cabin cruiser which he was sailing on the lake,was there any friendliness or interest shown by st Albans model boat club!was there hell!they ignored the young chap and his father the whole time.How the hell are model boaters of the future meant to attain an interest in this hobby while we still have clubs like these doing our hobby untold harm and damaging any future the hobby may have,ST ALBANS MODEL CLUB AND ITS MEMBERS HOLD YOUR HEADS IN SHAME YOU DISGUST ME,ive just been back and its jus he same,dodery old ignorant GIS
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