static caravans befor you buy

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ask how much the ground rent is each year how much  the gasbottles are also the electric but most of all how log can your van stay on the site before you have to renew it 10 years 15 yearssome sites you cannot sell your van on you have to buy offthe site ownersyou can buy a new van if you dont like caravaning say after a year or so you could lose over 10-000 pounds or more in 12 to 14 months on a 35 to 40 thousand van and if you wish to take your van off you will have to pay a disconection fee 200pounds or a lot more plus transport and a few thousand if you can find another site to take it onif you can sell your van most sites tell you the price you can sell your van for plus they want 15 percent of the sale price thiers not much you can do its tobig to take home buying a new or used static caravan with your reduncy or buy selling your house or what ever you can lose thousands of poundsyou have no rights at all unless your caravan is a 12 months of the year site resadentan site so ask and think before you buy yes its your van but the ground its on you only rent it i hope this helps you think i still like caravning theirs a lot more but ihope this hekps you theirs a lot of people out their who will know this no offence to any site ownerstheir are some very nice people out their
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