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hi all just to try and prevent you from making a mistake like me i advise all members of ebay to stay away from benc170784 as he is selling FAKE NIKE TRAINERS he states there real but i  promise there not and you wont get a refund as he is rude and obnoxious i have reported him to ebay and with a bit if luck they will do the right thing and remove this bad egg from the box before he cons you :)

this is the latest email ive sent to customer support as you can see i threatend to send details on and he has offerd the refund not got it yet not holding my breath either this is the email

hi i recentley bought some fake nike air i reported the item and have noticed that the seller is still selling fake on ebay the user in question is  benc170784   and he has had 4 bad feedbacks in 1 month all because he is selling counterfeit nikes what is the point of us reporting items to you if no action is taken i have sent mine back he refused to refund at the time but changed his tune  when i said i would pass on his address and details on to trading standards i also had them looked at and verified as fakes (and not very good ones)  i have still not recivied refund and he had them back two days ago come on ebay help us out 

so now i will wait to see what happens ?

i have now won my dispute through paypal and got my money back i also got in touch with trading standards who are investigating the person concerned as 6 other people have also bought fakes off of him in a month and sent them back i hope they get there money back be warned FAKERS

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