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Amy pond custom figure

 The item of which i got was lovely and i was very happy with it when it came ,it came just as described. There was nothing wrong with the item at all it was in  great condition and it looked so good you would'nt of guessed it was a custom figure  , it was that great  . I think it's a good item it is a brilliant figure and I will be keeping it for some time .
  In the 2 estimated days it did not come , I gave it an extra day before opening the case but it did not come . I was blackmailed in to closing the case to get the item that i bid on , If I contact the seller I shouldn't have to have a bad response like that . They accused me of being rude but in the truth it's them being rude , That's how you drive customers away from blackmail or attempted blackmail , they have certainly driven me away so I know to look for another seller when it comes to doctor who figures .  It's normally the item that's the problem this time it's the seller who had bad manners and also had the nerve to blackmail me a customer who would 've bought probably loads off them . If the seller had sent out the figure the day after I purchased it then maybe there would've been no case and there would've been no rude email's from them. I was never the one  in the wrong , There would of been no complaint and I would've said good things about the seller rather than bad things.
If you wish to get an action figure do not get one from this seller


Amy pond

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