stone island-italy or rumania?is it genuine?

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genuine itemthats a good question in these times,stone island,should i but italian or take a chance on rumanian garments?

to be honest id near enough always go for the italian labelled goods though in saying that i do own a few rumanian pieces which are equal to or even better than its mediterranian cousin!!!

this is where we go back to the all important labels debate,if the garment in question is rumanian then under the spa label there should be another label telling you exactly what the rumanian factory does in the manufacturing process

if you read the label it clearly states that they dont do anything except assemble the finished pieces,put the arms on the body,sew the hoods on,etc,etc-all the important work,design,dying process,finishings are all done in italy so rest assured that as long as the seller can show you genuine photos of all labels,the item in question should be real and the quality is the same as,and maybe better sometimes,than the italian made garments

i hope  this helps a bit because there is so much fake stone island around its frankly mind boggling how they get away with it

happy hunting fellow bayers and keep ebay fake free

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