stupid ebay

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Hi all thanks for reading this review , How to start ? firstly i received an item which was NOT as discribed so i tried contacting the seller to no avail ? , I then opened a dispute via ebay , The seller then started responding , i explaned that the item did not do what was stated in the listing he said ok send the item back i will send you a jiffy bag with the postage paid the origanl item was free post ? BUT then postage was not recorded delivery ? so i contacted the seller explaining that it should be sent back as recorded sing for delivery and that even ebay say you should do this to make sure the item is received by the seller and that you have proof of shipping , The seller said ok no problem if you want to send it recorded sign for I WILL PAY THE COST OF RETURN POSTAGE , every thing ok up till , then so i sent the item back the seller received the item But nothing i mean not refund for item and no refund for postage and no responce to messages ? so i escilated thr case via ebay ? silly me , ebay promply gave me a refund for the origanl cost of item but NO REFUND FOR POSTAGE and then ebay closed the case ???????? i contacted ebay to eplain the it wanted the return postage but they said we do not give the return postage cost back you have to contact the seller ??????????? i explained that seller was not responding to messages ? ebay case reveiw said reveiw contact seller for refund on postage ? What part of seller not resondding do they not understand ? but ebay closed the case ? why ? even when i phoned ebay and explained that seller was not responding they said ?? well you will have to contact seller for refund of postage ???????? how thick are the customer sevices at ebay ? SO ALL IN ALL YOU AS THE EBAY BUYER GET RIPPED OF NOT ONLY BY THE SELLER BUT ALSO BY EBAY BECAUSE EBAY PROTECT THE SELLER BETTER THAN THE BUYER , WHAT A SCAM EBAY REALLY IS ,



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