suffering? the loss of a loved one, or strong emotions

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I found that the best way of getting over things that hurt me; or might have been the cause of emotional pain; and when at the time I was suffering from the loss of someone dear to me; was to write down my feelings in poetry. If indeed on the other hand I had found natures elements exciting; this too; and seeing the happy fellow, make great poetry. 

Whilst I wrote I found a great release and help in my life, I also researched the writers of poetry and short stories. The greatest expertise of this craft was brought to us from Wordsworth, Yates, Keats, Plath, Burns, Blake, and many many others. They all wrote from their hearts and souls; now through them; modern day poets such as Peter Sansom; Peter Finch; Paul Sutherland; Matt Black and Rony Robinson just to mention only some of our writers and poets of today show the greatness of the power of words. Having had the experience to meet these later poets and writers brought home again the true meaning of the word; poetry; a gift taught by life itself. The expression of words put onto paper in the artistic manner of poetry creates living moving breathing dancing words like no other. To breath is to live; to feel is to live; to reach into ones-self and express their innermost truth of any second; of any minute; of any hour; is to live; for me Poetry is life. If these written words help and inspire others to come to their own words; in their own life; and to share them; then I am excited about the future of  words expressed in tomorrows writing and poetry. The joy; love; and peace of heart writing will bring; it is truly undescribable in its invaluable way of helping a person to grow.

Maria Cahill (Poet and writer) I am now about to share this exciting news;... I will help you; just email me for advice; and I will be there for you.


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