suzuki lt50 lt 50, know what you are buying!

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Hi there

I am getting fed up with seeing suzuki lt quads on Ebay, which are NOT lt 50's, they are cheap chinese copys which are usually made by NECHT,or LI-MAX. I have seen many being sold for the same price as the real suzuki's.

Please to ALL you numptys out there check them before you bid, ask the seller are they genuine, if you get answers like "not sure" "think so" "it says suzuki on the pull start"(suzuki ones do fit) "dont know much about these" all these answers are praying on your ignorance.

So people wake up and do your home work, if it aint got suzuki on the seat, then it most likely aint a suzuki, if it aint got suzuki on the vin plate, then it definately aint a suzuki, it takes seconds to look, so the seller should already know!

Just to answer ruell306 post which is below this one, THEY ARE CHEAP COPYS, with bad plastic, and diffrent grade materials, this is why they are cheap nothing more nothing less, I too had both this is why i know!

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