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i had a motorbike for sale, and i received an email through ebayfrom SWINNY94X, to say he was interested in the bike. would i please email him at work. i did this!  doh!  i emailed to say hello, and to give him my mobile number to ring me and ask any questions he may have.

he didnt ring, instead he emailed again, and saud although he WAS interested int he bike, he was concerned about the listing, as the photos were in use elswhere and he didnt think that mine were genuine. if i didnt believe him, here was a link to look at it. on this link i was taken to an 'ebay' log-in page, where i had to sign in.  BINGO!  

he ended my listing , and offered all my previous bidders a 2nd chance option to buy it now. 

you see on my listing, i had stated cash on collection, but the first £100 to be paid via paypal as a deposit.  he was banking on all 7 of them sending £100 deposits.  he locked me out of my account for over n hour, and in that time i couldnt email the bidders to tell them it was fake.

of course for selling the same bike 5-6 times, i had loads of sellers fees, and luckily i got it back, but watch out. i was duped! 

this was his email to me..........


  Thanks for getting back to me.
  I'm interested... however I'm concerned because I saw the same item with your
  pictures from a different seller, check it out .  then he sent me a link, which im not allowed to print on here.  



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