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so you want to try tai chi. First buy some dvds .If you are a beginner dont go for the chang style tai chi.It is very hard and it not for older poeple.or people who has joint problems. A good start is the gentle tai chi dvd.This can be done sat down. A very god set for beginers is the hun yuang  tai chi dvds the is 4 in the set. All very good for beginners , and a good price as well. the instuctors on thesse give very clear instructions. and are very easy to follow. the dvd in this are  exersises for deep relaxtion execrises for health and vailtaly , exercises for the work place, and silk reeling excersise, and last the tai chi 24 form.Dont worry about the number 24 it is the number of the moves in the form. Once you have learnt the moves the whole form only takes 10 mins to complete.

So why to Tai chi . Tai chi has many health benfits The benfits are:

1. it is very easy to do.

2.It is very good stress reliever.

3. It losens joints, and improves circulation.

4. It makes  you relaxed

5. It is very gentle excersise

7. it does not put any strain on any joints.

8. it is a very slow form of exercise It dont cause muscle strain

9. Any age can do tai chi .The is no age limit to do tai chi.

10. you do it at your own pace the slower the better

11. you dont have to prefect at it pratice the moves until you get it right.

 12. It can help some illness eg depression

13. you can do tai chi in a small space

Thesse are just a few off the many benfits of tai chi The are many more to many too list.

   So what do you need to get started a Tai chi dvd.

what to wear. any loose clothing track suit bottoms and a loose top is ideal bare feet. That is it

Now relax put the dvd on  stand relax the neck the shoulder the bottom and sink down to the ground. stand straight knees slightly bent.

Now enjoy. the gentle art of tai chi.

I hope that you have enjoyed this brief guide to tai chi, and I hope that  you may give tai chi a try and get all the wonderfull benfits of tai chi.

Last of all enjoy it and it if you do try tai chi  i hope that you will enjoy it as much as I do.I have being doing tai chi for 4 years now ..and have loved every minute of it. I still love it .. and I am still learning. If you try tai chi,your tai chi journery will take you to discover your innerself,and you will learn to relax and enjoy life.It will also help you to see life in a calm and relaxing way.


 So what do if you want to try tai chi buy a dvd on tai chi If you like  tai chi. You could go.. on to the next step and join a tai chi class . I wish

  you a very happy and rewarding tai chi journey.






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