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there are many listings here for the sale of tattoo equipment,much of it fake or counterfeit from china and hong kong but much of it from europe and america too.there are many unscrupulous sellers buying cheap substandard stuff here from asian countrys and then relisting it from a u.k address and upping the price because of the reputation of asian sellers seeling counterfeit and substandard tattoo machines etc.

as a pro tattoo artist of 25 yrs experience i find it disgusting that not only is much of this stuff fake and extremely dangerous in untrained hands but that even 'reputable'suppliers are using ebay to sell to unlicinsed,untrained tattooists who then go on to endanger the public by tattooing illegally and unhygienicly spreading disease and scarring people(often under the legal age of consent)

of course ebay does nt care because they still get there cut of this disgusting trade and it is time they acted responsibly and refused to list any and all tattoo equipment sales

take for example kits that claim to have everything you need to tattoo but dont include sterilisation facilitys ,inks with fake labels at knock down prices that contain god knows what,needles that claim to be sterile...but are they?

please support responsible legal tattoo suppliers by not buying from ebay and not allowing home tattooers anywhere near you...would you allow a mate to work on ya teeth or would you go to a legal dentist?i think we all know the answer to that one,well the risks are the same

now i may well have my ebay account closed for this guide but that again will show how much they see the fast buck as more important than public safety

think before you ink

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