the 4400 tv series on dvd

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I first watched this series on sky1 on digital tv, due to work commitments etc i missed the rest of the series.  Basically it all centers around alien abduction, where the twist is that people are all plucked from different points in time, then returned all together in their future.  but what is more intriguing that its not apart straight away but everyone who has been returned possess a secret special power, from a little girl being able to see into the future, to a boy who can bring people back to life just by his touch.  a special police type unit is set up to monitor the returnees who keep an eye on them but also investigate the strange goings on as ther powers start to materialize.  if thats not enough there is a deeper motive for them all being returned with special powers, the abductors have other things in mind for them, have they been returned for a greater purpose, some think they are here to wage a war.  i bought the complete first series on dvd i was hooked, i couldn t beleive it when i found there was a full 3 series, it took a few sundays up, i can tell you...once you start you wont be able to stop watching.


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