the downfall of stone island-fakes-think vintage!

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evening lads,was a bit bored tonight so thought id share my thoughts with you all on the present situation regarding one of our most loved brands-stone island

we all know the market is flooded with cheap copies,raso's with no rubber lining,"marina"jacket/jumper things,obvious knockoffs even to the untrained eye-what gets me is why are people still buying this cheap rubbish?there are plenty of deals to be had if you take the time to look at the vintage section and rare also,even in the normal stone island pages you can find bargains so why resort to feeding greedy market stall holders that sell tat?

for the uninitiated,stone isalnd marina is an old label and was recently revived(but was for the most of the range crap),its not produced just now so dont buy anything saying-stone island marina jacket-buy it now £24.99-it simply doesnt exist,its a fake!why degrade yourself and look a twat in front of your mates wearing fake gear?that £24.99 may have got you a nice vintage peice in good nick-so why buy vintage i hear you say?a couple of reasons,mainly its almost always genuine(if in doubt,dont be shy,ask the seller for info,most genuine guys are only too happy to help,its business after all),it never dates practically,it fits better and is made better thats why theres so much of it.

in my opinion these people should be named and shamed that sell fake items,i report a vast quantity each and every week but more pops up,dont encourage these criminals,say no to fakes and try the vintage gear-you may be surprised

cheers lads-keep it real and fake free pic is of a typical ebay fake lads so dont get caught out please

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