the guide to a professional paint job

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Like if this guide is helpful
every part of your bike is easy to get a pro looking paint job, i say this because my paint jobs are actually pretty good!

all you need! ...

  • a can of NITROMORS
you can get a can of nitromors down your local halfords, i got mine for £4.49.

  • a scraper thingy
usually your parents may have this thing to scrap away dirt off the tiles, roof and stuff. i dont remember what this is called in the mean time.

  • a rag
i recommend a pretty thick one, a tea towel is good. This is just to clean up the mess you leave, trust me, you will need one.

  • a clock, watch, phone.. etc
just to keep track of your time, else something could go bad.

  • sand paper
cleaning up!
  • spray paint

  • laquer
yeah this is important, its a good protective for your paintjob.

and i think that is about it!

i will use my Bmx as an example... there it is before i had my new color/look

     Nitromors'ing your bike part

  1. you need to make sure your part of the bike is removed from the Bike. ( lets say its your forks )
  2. Clean the forks with cleaning agent, wd40 could work i suppose,  water cant clean as well.
  3. Apply your first lot of NITROMORS, it should tell you how to apply it on the can; dab it on the area you want it. What i did was i dabbed it on the whole fork from beneath the headset including the drop outs.
  4. use your watch, clock, phone and cout on from when you had applied the nitromors and wait 15mins, the paint on MY forks flaked straight off with a sizzling sound, if this happens to you, dont worry. just wait the 15mins.
  5. the paint should have arised from the forks, now clean it off with the rag. If the paint hasn't flaked off, scrape the paint off untill its clean then rag it.
  6. then apply another layer in the area's where there are paint and wait another 10-15 minutes.
  7. if the patch of paint is small, i wud just clean it with the rag and sand it down with sandpaper.
  8. once your forks are fully rawwed, give the forks a wipe and sand it down just an ickle bit. ( rawwed = is when the bike part has NO paint on it )
  9. when everything your forks are ready, sanded down. You can apply your paint.

in these pictures i wasnt spraying my bike parts but i was rawwing them. so they are shiny after the laquer was applied. if you are looking for this effect, forget about "applying the spraypaint" and follow "nitromors'ing your bike part" then follow it by adding your laquer due to the instructions on the can.

Applying the spraypaint

i recommend the hammerite spraypaint you can buy from halfords, or if you cannot get hold of that a can of spray paint worth around £5-10 should be ok.

  1. follow the instructions on the can of spray paint until you get to the stage where to apply it.
  2. first when applying, make sure your surface is CLEAN and DRY.
  3. make sure you found a location where it wont effect plants ( if your parents dont like their plants ruined)
    and that it isn't windy or rainy.
  4. i advise to wear a mask because the fumes are very toxic, you should wear old clothing.
  5. mask tape the headset upwards because the paint could flake off in your headset and ruin the greasing.
  6. spray the paint about 20-30cm's away from area! IMPORTANT - apply a very thin layer.
  7. wait for the first layer to dry, let 10-20 mins or do so on the spraycan instructions.
  8. once the first layer is TOUCH DRY, you can apply your second layer, follow instruction 6 and 7 again.
You want about 3-4 THIN layers, and make sure every time you have applied the paint, you wait for it to become touch dry.

     9.  After you have applied all 3 or 4 layers, your forks should look good, but its not done yet.
    10. When the paint is dry, you can apply your laquer, follow the instructions on your laquer can.
    11. apply about 3-4 layers. laquer is also a small thin layer and wait about 15mins for it to become touch dry.

and your done!
here's the finished design!

ofcourse, the bigger the area of your bike part, the more spraypaint you might need, for example your frame will probably need up to 3cans! and 2 cans of laquer!

hope this helps!


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