the paypal scam watch out

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ok then here we go some scum out there has invented an ingenious scam heres how it works

1) you the seller sells an item for , i dont know £100 so the buyer pays by paypal cool eh? well yes until:-

you post the item recorded as always..3 days later you get a message that the item hasnt been recieved so you check with royal mail who send you a copy of the signature slip that was signed on delivery..problem solved .  well no actually here comes the scam . the buyer now uses a chargeback from paypal so paypal take the money from your account without any notice. you complain post proof of delivery and 2 weeks later get your money but that is not the scam because now the money is taken from your account again by paypal because the buyer has claimed the money back from the credit card company they are with, and guess what ?? paypal has no power over the credit card company and tells you to get in contact with the buyers card issuer and explain it to them and when you do the bank refuses to talk to you as you are not the account holder. so no item no money and no way of getting either back unless you take the buyer through  the small claims court. so trust paypal???????? i dont think so.

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