the risk to selling on ebay

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thought it time to express my views and concerns on the way ebay has evolved since it started .as i have been a member since before it was ebay (it used to be free and called yahoo auctions)thought i may have a little to offer. It has became more and more a buyer safe environment ,with little or no protection for genuine sellers .while i accept there is a need to protect buyers in this marketplace ,as a result of pay pal refunding buyers too easily & no possibility of sellers expressing there concerns through negative feedback on ingenuine buyers ,it has became a very dangerous place indeed .a scenario that could and probably is being played out is this - buyers wins item buyer recieves item ,they claim item has been damaged in post ,or is not as decribed . sellers is instructed to refund payment (including p&p) to buyer. buyer leaves negative feedback. seller has no option to reciprocate .so there is no record on system of this buyer, having had a bad deal . which could set suspicions going in prospective sellers . the out come is these unscrupulous buyers ,get items for free and there is never any record of it. as a result i have decided to stop selling on ebay ,and i would advise anyone out there to think very carefully before trusting that everyone out there is as genuine as i still maintain are the majority.
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