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Hi,  Just a few tip's that I have found very useful which may help you as much as they have helped me!
1)  Communication is everything!  99.9% of sellers are unable to read their buyers minds and vice-versa!!
2)  Don't assume that all ebayers are running a 'scam'!  Reflect this in the way you write your listing or ask your questions. Some words can be misread or interpreted as sounding very aggressive and off putting, which discourages prospective buyers, so choose your words carefully while remaining accurate.
3)  Make your own enquiries about a buyer or seller, such as reading feedback, look to see what they have previously bought or sold, how long have they been registered, have they recently changed their name and if so why? e-mail questions - it's a free service so use it!
4)  Dont leave negative or neutral feedback without using e-mail's to try and sort out the problem first.
5)  Never be afraid to ask questions from sellers.  Genuine sellers would rather you ask them 10 questions rather than buy something from just looking at the picture then bidding, winning and leaving negative feedback, because you didn't read all of the information in their listing and havent got what you thought you was buying.  Sometimes the item for sale is not what the picture would indicate, for example; a playstation game, the picture is genuine but the actual game is not Pal.  The seller will use the pic to show what it is but will not need to tell you it's a copy if the format box is empty or 'other'.  You have no comeback as the game is not listed as a genuine 'Pal' game.  Another example is; if your going to be charged postage for something that will be e-mailed to you, then complaing later!  You should have asked 'why' before you placed your bid.
6)  If your going to be away on holiday, when a listing that you have placed a maximum bid on, is due to end, send an e-mail to the seller and explain this, you may risk loosing the item if the seller gives a second chance offer to the next highest bidder, because they have had no response from the winning bidder - you!
7)  If your selling, remember that you was new once-up-on-a-time, avoid sweeping statements in your discription ordering new ebayers to contact you before bidding, put this information into you sellers terms box when you write your listing.  Should a newbie place a bid, then send them an e-mail drawing their attention to the terms in your listing, it makes you appear more aproachable and friendly, after all, you do want happy buyers to return and buy from you again, don't you?
8)  If you inadvertantly place a maximum bid for more than you intended, do not waist any time, retract it, do this immidiatley and without delay to demonstrate your genuine.  I once bidded £4,000 on a PS2 game while distracted by the kids and was allowed to retract it!!  I still have no idea to this day how I managed to bid so much!  My thoughts are, that if I can do it as an experienced ebayer, then so can anyone else.
9)  Dont bid for the first item you see that you have been looking for, do specific searches for other items as you have the catagories listed on the page now and specific search criteria along the side of the page, use these to find more of the same item and dont forget to use the 'watch this item' facility.  Then you can compare them all in your 'My eBay', without 'loosing' the item page, before making a final decision and placing your bid for the item of your choice.
10) When your selling and have a number of 'watchers'. Post any questions your asked with your resonse, on the listing.  By doing this your letting prospective buyers know that others are interested in your item and they may have competition in the last few minutes!  You may also get a higher price for your item!
Hope you found these useful!  If you have a specific question, feel free to e-mail me through eBay, I dont have the answer to everything but if I can help I will. I'm not in all of the time so I dont promise an immediate reply but will respond as soon as I can.
Happy eBaying!!
Best wishes
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