to make sure you dont get caught out by the fakes

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well i have several radley bags not bought of ebay, the only advice i can give you is to go on the real radley website and see the difference between the ones on here as alot of these are fake, more often then not RADLEY will not be written on the dog. occashionly it will be but not all time.DO NOT buy a radley bag with out a radley bag charm (the dog attached to the bag ).the only reason i say this is as many of the radley bags are collectables and if you buy one without you will never get the money back what you paid and you run the higher chance of it being a fake.

the only way you will now if a bag is real is by going on the genuine radley website and checking the bags on there to see the type of design you are looking for as i love radley items so much you can tell straight away. i hope these tipes help !!!

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