too trusting! beware who you sell phones to

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i am fairly new to ebay, have bought quite alot from sellers and its a worry if the goods will arrive or not, i recently started selling and i first sold a cosytoes which went fantastic, buyer paid instant, we communicated and sent the goods first thing next day as i would like in return, i realise why people write in their feedback things like pleasant transaction, no problems, because my second sale was a mobile phone, i only put postage to the uk and didnt really want to bother with abroad, the winning bidder was an america, she had a feedback score of 2, i emailed her and asked her if she wanted the goods sent to usa, bcos it would be more than £5, she replied not through ebay, through a yahoo address saying did i not receive an email earlier to ask if i could ship it to Nigeria, me being stupid probably, didnt think nothing of that, i went to my msn and found the message, a pull on your heart strings message, that it was for her husband who was an agent in Nigeria and she wanted it posting first thing by express royal air mail and the postage costs were 25 quid, thus making her invoice £72, sent her the invoice and paypal sent a message saying the payment had been approved but needing the tracking number before funds would appear in my account, this prevents fraud for either parties, bla bla, it had a link for customer services usa to send the tracking number but it was like an american friends reunited site and it read each time; error, you have been timed out. stupid me posted the phone and paid £10.50 postage, not wanting to let someone down and i have been kicked right where it hurts and it has pissed me off big time that i allowed some asshole to take the piss out of me that way, excuse my language, but it makes me mad that people target innocent people who are just trying to make a bit of extra money. it is a huge lesson to learn that you shouldnt trust people, take everything with caution, there are too many scammers out there, and it has put me off ebay right now. i wont let it happen again to me


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