touting of concert tickets on ebay oasis

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oasis tickets went on sale this week and within minutes they were offered for sale at vastley inflated prices on ebay, once again genuine fans are ripped off ,i was one of the lucky ones who managed to get through on the ticket lines (65 minutes on 2 phones and trying online) so i paid face value,but in the past i have had to resort to buying via touts,its about time ebay made a stand and stopped any listing that does not offer tickets at their face value with buy it now the only option,to stop these lowlifes who only buy tickets to make a massive profit from the unlucky genuine fans who want to attend but cannot get through to the ticket lines,i have no problems with ebay members who buy tickets for concerts and then cannot attend as long as they sell them at face value,COME ON EBAY SORT THIS OUT WE ARE ALL SICK OF THIS !!!

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