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the majority of people out there are nice and friendly, sadly the world is also full of crooks and theifs, i have been a victim of these people who appear to be nice enough but really arent (check my feedback) heres the story:

i bought a jewel light for my xbox from pigman06 (you have been named and shamed) and they bought a controller off of me so we decided to swap. he sent me the item eventualy after promising 4 times before (i was sending the controller after i recieved it as i didnt recieve it i didnt post it), it never came, as a sorry he said he'd mod some other parts for me and send me another light to say sorry, so like a fool, i sent the parts, over and over he promised to post them but didnt, in the end he just completely ignored me. now its my fault for even getting into the swap situation. i have now just have to spend £17 replacing the parts he stole from me and the only bit of pay back i could get was negative feedback,

some people can be very disceptive, now i have meant so many nice proper people on here but i'll always be weary of some and you can generaly tell whos good and bad but as in this case, its not always true,

i dont know how you'll choose to use this information but i feel that these stories need to be shared,

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