tv aerial installations

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hi this is a basic guide to installing a tv aerial

we have installed hundreds of digital aerials in norwich and norfolk, so i am well placed to give good advice on aerial installations. please read my guide and if you need any additional info email me from my web site.

firstly decide were u want to mount the aerial if its a loft installation the centre of the loft is the best place avoide pointing the aerial through brick walls .if this is not possible the aerial will need to be mounted out side .always try to avoid trees .raising the hieght of the aerial will not increase signal strength unless u can clear the obstruction . sometimes a better reception can be obtained by moving the aerial to one side .or below the tree canopy .and always think saftey when working at hieghts you will only fall once if u do not feel safe working at hieghts call a proffesional .they will have all the saftey equipment and tools to carry out the installation. i would just like to add some infomation about the equipment you decide to use. it is recommended that a wide band aerial should be used as when the digital switch over takes place some channel will be moved out of band.this applies to all distribution amplifiers as well which will need to be of wide band type. coaxial cable should be of double screened type. please visit my web site for more infomation,

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