twister bell helicopter

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I got interested in the new generation of radio controlled helicopters when I spotted the electric indoor type. I had previously had a disasterous affair with a second hand engined variety! Very expensive mistake.

The little Picco caught my eye, and is great fun, but limited as to control, although good value. I was advised to try the twister bell medivac by a very experianced heli flyer, who reconed they were the finest device on the market for the novice, or the 'just interested in giving it a try' flyer .

Having taken the advice, I can agree wholeheartedly. 

Reasons were: relativly cheapto buy. Spares readily available, and not expensive. (Trust me- you WILL need some)! Very stable, easy to get flying without being discouraged, thus giving a sense of achievment. A good way to interest more people in flying helicopters, and thus moving on to bigger and better models!

Also, they do not make the irritating racket that model engines do!

I have had, and still have great fun with this model, and now have four helicopters, so be careful of addiction!!!

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