unreservred items not reaching sellers price relisted!

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i won an auction item for 99p inc p+p no reserve.you can imagine how happy i was,paid immeadiately via paypal and eagerly awaited my item,after a week i contacted the seller who said he had posted the item so i waited after another week still nothing so i emailed the seller again who replied the item has been posted if i dont recieve it next day he would refund me my 99p via paypall.

then i looked for another item to replace the lost item only to find the seller re listing the same item again with a higher price!! He obviously never posted it the first time so i contacted him again and asked how if he sent the item he has still got it to sell??

his reply was new stock!! an unusuall item in an unusuall colour!!

i contacted ebay about this to be told they cannot make the sellers post items if they dont want to and to leave appropriate feedback!

i couldnt belive it that that was the only option i could take so i left feedback saying never recieved item only to find the item relisted after a refund then i recieved a stroppy email from the seller saying he cant understand my feelings of being mis treated and left me bad feedback saying im a menace to ebay!

surley if ebay is a contract to buy it is also a contract to sell!




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