up to date pictures of nice caravans for sale!!!!

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i had a nasty shock not so long ago, decided to buy the wife a nice 5-6 year old four berth caravan to put on site in devon. scanned ebay looked at hundreds, spotted one newly listed with buy it now price £5000 with a shed load of extras with a inflated value of £1200. the pictures showed the caravan as in as new condition, with plastic covers etc on carpets, just out of the show room. rang the seller, told me more about extras than the caravan. should have set alarm bells off, but was taken in by excellent digital pictures, at all angles inside and out. seller even offered to deliver 90 miles to me free of charge. what a great deal i thought!! said van in superb condition, and wanted a good home for it. pressed buy it now, and arranged to go to him 90miles miles away, and pay £1000 deposit. take all extras, and pay balance on delivery to my home.all sounds great, all excited about meeting owner and caravan. arrived next day full of anticipation, to my horror the caravan was all faded and falling to bits, that was just the outside!! lots of dents and damage, cleaned with scouring pad and scratched paint finish etc.my wife said she wish she had taken picture of my face, as was priceless look of dismay!!seller comes out ranting on about all the extras, which were all cheap and nasty items. the inside of caravan was worse, all faded carpets and upholstery washed out different shades of fade and wear, what a shed. looked like crew of irish motorway workers had been living on it!! not the same caravan i thought, but it was. pictures were taken 6 years ago when left dealers show room. so told him to stick caravan up his a----!! as not as described, what a waste of time and money. so you dont have to pay if not same as described on ebay, make sure pictures were taken when put up for sale, and are an accurate representation of caravan for sale. so beware, view before you buy. have lovely caravan now better than described, nice seller had loads of quality extras, even towed it to caravan site. but looked at it first before buying. hope this story will prevent same happening to another honest ebayer! good luck, happy camping.
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