vaseline, opal . carnival glass.

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It pleases me to see articles beginning to appear that attribute the importance of this highly collectable glass. It is in a class of its own and for many years past it has had to take a back seat not only in the desirability but also in the eyes of the so called experts who often refer to it as a poor mans Tiffany.

Certainly we must all give credit to David Dotty who has created a site of immense interest and finer detail of most aspects of Carnival  glass collecting , here we have the ultimate comprehension of Carnival glass and its future as a antique of world renown.

As with all collectables of greater monetary value , carnival glass fakes are appearing , however the forgers do not have the expertise to reproduce the items in  the quality that is instantly recognisable in those made in the early 1800s.

 Glass by its own substance is easily breakable , hence it is a good hedge against inflation ,being that its rarity increases year on year,  moreover , it is both beautiful and pleasing for the avid collector despite its ever increasing value

 My tip for anyone wishing to avoid the ravages of world inflation , Invest in beautiful Carnival glass. KATRINAS FATHER .

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