vintage chronograph 's and wristwatches

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Hi my name is mark , and i thought i would share a little of my knowledge and experience , when purchasing vintage wristwatches .

1. When purchasing a vintage wristwatch for the first time , always allow yourself time to think  , is this timepiece really for me .

2. When purchasing a vintage wristwatch through ebay , never be shy of asking the seller to many questions about the piece , after all the seller has listed the timepiece for sale and should be expecte to answer any questions on the item .

3. Any reputable seller will always be happy to answer any questions in a polite and courteous manner .

4. Questions that should always be asked regarding vintage wristwatches  are the following  : is the watch being sold in full working condition  condition generally of the wristwatch , size of the strap , whether or not the movement has been serviced recently ,  if the watch is stated as waterproof , has the seller tested the watch to prove this point  .

5. Other questions that are worth taking note of are : before bidding on any wristwatch online , it is always worth checking out first whether the seller will offer postal service which insures the watch against damages in transit .  Also with regrds to packaging the wristwatch , you may like ask the seller , how he will be packing the item for postage . Ideally it should be packaged using plenty of bubble wrap and packaging , and should also be sent in a strong cardboard box , ideally marked fragile or with fragile tape .

6. After more than 10 years in collecting vintage wristwatches , i have come across many many fine timepieces , and as i say again , before purchasing a vintage timepiece , always take a minute to think to yourself  , is the watch for me , will it look right on my wrist or for the persons you are purchasing it for .

I hope my little guide is of some help to you all , please feel free to call in to my ebay shop  antiuesantiquesnorthwales to see some good examples of vintage timepieces at their best .

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