violence by a buyer

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on the 19/20th of jan 2013 my flat door was kicked in with brute force in my stair.why? in december 2012 i sold an item,and i put 100ml and 50ml in discriptions,this buyer bought the item brand new from me,tried to blackmail me,before i new it this person took a case out on me gave me a negative feedback twisting things on me,i contacted ebay informed them,i had the police and forensics at my flat informed them who i thought it was as they only live 1 hour away from you can imagine i was terrified to live in my own home,i sent the buyer everyday an email offering a full refund,this did me no good at all completely ignored  ,ebay told the buyer to return ,but still didnt get it finally the case was closed,but at the end of the day i had to fork out another £265.00 for emergency joiner to do new locks and a new mortise locks never will i sell to a buyer who lives in my area ,beware of buyers who live close to you,its the worst thing ive ever gone through in my life,i did everything by the book and ended up the victim SO PLEASE BEWARE SELLERS ON WHO YOU SELL CLOSE TO YOU,I NO ALL BUYERS ARENT THE SAME !!!!!!!!!
                                                                        THANKS FOR READING THIS IF YOU TO HAVE HAD THIS HAPPEN TO YOU PLEASE LET ME NO 
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