want a free nintendo ds lite like the ones advertised?

Like if this guide is helpful

this is incredibly simple and you can get a free nintendo ds lite without spending a penny or having to give your credit card details to anyone. simply follow these steps: 

1) type in this link without spaces:      http:// gaming. freepay. com/?r=43439631

2) register by choosing which console you want and by providing your name and email address.

3) you do have to complete an offer, as with all sites of this type, however i can show you a way of completeing one without spending a penny. select one of the offers which involves downloading a ringtone. follow the instructions and you will get a free ringtone and be signed up to a ringtone subscription service. wait a day or two until the gaming freepay site tells you your offer has been completed and then text the word 'stop' to the number on the ringtone website. this way your subscription is cancelled, you won't have spent any money, you'll have a free ringtone and you'll have completed the offer!

4) next you have to refer friends. for something like the nintendo ds lite you need 5 friends. the more expensive consoles need more but they are totally worth it.

5) refering friends is easy - email family/friends and beg them to sign up, create a blog on a forum, start a group like this one on myspace etc or paste the link onto your ebay profile! so simple and the refferals come roling in.

once you have the correct number of referals the site will automatically post your console to you and you can play away happily. alternatively sell it on ebay and make 100% profit. easy income lol!!! just go for it

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