want to lose weight?

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need to lose weight?

 I am a bzzagent and I have been asked to write a guide for you fellow ebayers, I decided to write about what I know, yes fat.
I have been a yoyo dieter all my life, I have tried pills, and juices, slimming world, weight watchers, Cambridge, and have bought off eBay every new fad book available, atkins, cabbage soup, hair bikers you name it I've bought the book, eBay sellers have made a small fortune out of me.
but searching the net 3 months ago, I was looking for what are good carbs and bad carbs and foods to avoid I came across this diet ( some of you might have heard about it) but it was new to me its called terri ann 123 diet plan, 
at first I thought here we go again another new fad diet so I kept a close look at a couple of people posting their weight losses just to see if it really did work, I looked on eBay for the books of course as I always do, but when I looked on the website I found it was only £20 for 2 books a recipe book and the actual diet book, I thought whats £20 at  the end of the day its the price of  a takeaway, wont go on and on just to let people know I have been on this diet 3 months and have lost 27lb and still need to lose 2 stone, it works, its the only diet that does work, im eating regular normal everyday meals, all home made of course, love this diet been a real boost to my confidence, everyone should try it, finally found a diet that's not a fad, that works.
it seems people have kept the weight off with this diet, but I guess time will tell, after years of searching and failing badly I have found a diet I like and can stick to, so far I have had no cravings which is usually my failing.
I really hope this helps people out, as I needed help,
good luck people.  



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