warning about portable camping gas stoves!

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Hello, this is a friendly warning about a particular model of portable gas stove, there main feature is there size, the gas canisters they run on and there ease of use.

I have owned one of these cookers, and with good reason, the price of the gas can be less than £1 per canister, and last a modest amount of time, they have a ignition system similar to the one found on a domestic home gas cooker, it gone in a handy carry case too, the size of which is similar to what you'd except a power drill to be stored in.

But there is a safety issue with them, it has to do with the connection system for the gas canister to the hob, it employs an 'O' ring to provides a leak free seal, but the seal can wear out, like it has done on mine, when the stove is lit, a small amount of gas will leak from the connector and ignite.

Maybe it was just a one off, my stove is now useless as the gas coupler will not seal properly, This is a friendly warning for anyone thinking about owning one of these stoves!

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