watches from Hong Kong

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Beware , I purchased a watch from Hong Kong , the seller contacted me to say my Item would be posted shortly , after 3 weeks I contacted the seller , he asked me to be patient and he would send another one as it must be lost in the post . After the 40 day period had elapsed and still no watch , I started send emails daily , angry at the way I was conned , 
He then had me blocked and threatened to have my account stopped on ebay if I insisted on contacting him , The advise on Ebay was rubbish , Buy Skype and phone him or phone direct, Since November last year Ive received nothing but a lot of hassle and £12 out of pocket , How much money can this guy con and he has 100 percent good record , 
Dont be tempted to trust anyone abroad , and dont rely on ebay for help after the 40 day period. 
Play safe and buy from your local shop at least the item is in your hand when you pay for it , and if you do buy from ebay ask the seller for their home phone number and not a mobile , Ive purchased about 5 items and conned twice , Thats not good odds and watch the price of postage , Its over priced and poorly wrapped , I received ink cartridges half arrived but the others fell out during posting , Conned again , 
I wont be in a hurry to buy again on ebay 
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