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When ever you are puting personal information over the internet always check for the paddlock and the web adress starts with https:// and not http:// (notice the s)  We have come across many sites that say they are secure and ask for your details to buy an item but are in fact not secure.Many of these sites are trying to save money by not paying for the SSL security  and  or are conning web sites trying to get your money.

Another problem is using SSL on all web pages will slow down the web site this is why we use Http:// and swop over to Https only when needed.

You can try an example go to e-bay it will have http sign in it will go to https. Use the curses in the web address box and delet the s and press refresh it takes you back to Https which is good.

Our web sites and just for example try other web sites Big names with this and it will surprise you that you are being asked for your details on unsecured web pages. (I just tried this on a big name site and being asked to log in unsecured)

F1jc Limited and E-bay are surpporting Get safe on Line which you can find Below



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