wedding dress boxes

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Wedding dress boxes from GownClean

Handmade Wedding Dress Boxes in the UK:  You will not find a more beautiful box; they are extremely sturdy, ready to receive your dress i.e. not flat packed, and are hand covered and finished in your choice of design, with ribbon and lace; perfect for preserving your dress of a lifetime.

No other company in the UK, or in the world, makes Wedding Dress Boxes like The Empty Box Company. They are made by hand in their own workshop in the Surrey Hills by our trained artistic team, from the finest materials available, including rigid pH neutral board for a beautiful sturdy box that is ready to receive, and protect your wedding dress or special item.

wedding dress boxesOther boxes tend to be made by machine, or are shipped from abroad, or are made from corrugated cardboard. At The Empty Box Company they believe something a little more sufficient and special is required to provide protection for a lifetime, and hence our unique way of making your box.

We at GownClean only supply and sell these lovely wedding dress boxes

The board that the boxes are made of is 100% recycled, specially milled for us for it’s pH neutral properties, that will prevent acid and alkali being taken up by the fabrics of your dress and causing discolouration or yellowing, or spotting. The boxes are made from rigid board rather than corrugated, and they do not flat pack, which results in a far sturdier box that is designed to last the lifetime of your dress. The boxes have been known to protect from fire and flood damage.

The Wedding Dress Box protects your dress in the most traditional and natural way possible, by helping to prevent the potentially harmful effects of our surroundings from reaching your dress.

wedding dress boxes wedding dress travel boxes

Wedding Travel Medium

36 x 48 x 11 cm (deep) Weight - 1.65kg
Suitable for straight slender dresses. Fits neatly in overhead lockers. Please check with your airline.


Wedding Travel Maxi 

35 x 55 x 20 cm (deep) Weight - 2.4kg
The Travel Maxi provides the maximum space allowed in the overhead lockers, to fit within the hand luggage dimensions requested by major airlines. Please check with your airline. The depth allows for a fuller skirt and veil.


Wedding Travel Midi

45 x 35 x 16 cm (deep) Weight - 1.8kg
The smaller dimensions of the Midi are only required for one or two airlines that have restricted hand luggage requirements; but is a perfect size for a slightly fuller dress than an A-line/slimline dress.

Wedding Travel Standard 

50 x 75 x 15 cm (deep)
Not suitable to fit in overhead lockers, but useful to transport dress in the car or train, or in the hold of a place if outer packaging is kept.

wedding dress boxesThe Wedding Travel Boxes come with cord handle, instead of ribbon and lace, that holds the lid in place as you carry. Our sturdy boxes protect the dress from any untoward accidents whilst travelling, such as bumps. scrapes, humidity changes, spillage and squashing. They are made by hand, unlike any other flimsy flat pack machine produced box, which cannot provide sufficient protection! Don’t risk it, it is not worth it!

The Wedding Dress Box is made from specially milled pH neutral board, which means it does not contain acid or alkali. Most items around us, such as wood, cardboard of a normal box, dyes in fabrics, all contain acid. If a wedding dress is in contact with such items, the acid will affect the fabric and cause “yellowing” or discolouration to appear after several years. The Wedding Dress Box, combined with the acid free tissue will provide a pH neutral and safe environment in which to keep your dress.

Unlike plastic covers The Wedding Dress Box allows the fabrics of the dress to breathe. Plastic covers can have a harmful effect on your dress over a long period of time.

The box protects from light and dust which can fade or mark the dress, and its strong durable board and paper can provide excellent protection against any untoward accident.

Because The Wedding Dress Box is the most beautiful and romantic way that you will find to preserve your wedding dress, there is no longer a need to store in the attic. Your Dress Box can be kept as a pretty feature in the bedroom, and this in itself will keep your dress in a more stable temperature and reliable environment.

wedding dress boxes You can call us or visit our website for more information just click on our profile page below for full details
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