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Me and my partner spent hours trawling through ebay reviews and shops to try and find my wedding dress. Knowing that I was going to be 6 months pregnant and we're on a tight budget we finally settled on a reputable dress maker who would make a stunning dress for a fraction of the costs here. After reading through plenty of good reviews we ordered the dress paying around £85 including all costs. An absolute bargain!

My dress arrived a couple of days ago and is completely wrong. My elegant ivory dress has turned up white with lots of red made of a cheap tablecloth material. I have now had the fun of 3 weeks prior to my wedding flying around trying to find another dress. It has now cost me £500 to buy another one. The added stress of not only finding another dress but having to travel a good couple hours from home to find one has been ridiculous.

I emailed the woman in order to find out what had gone wrong, and after many emails back and forth, have been left with no option but to open a paypal dispute. She even had the cheek to try and blackmail me to change my negative feedback, saying if i didn't change it i wouldn't receive a refund!!! absolutely disgusting in my opinion!

Anyway it just goes to show that no matter how many reviews you read just be extremely careful!!!

The makers name is along the lines of pulchtride angel! not sure of spelling!

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