wedding dresses from china

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wedding dresses from china
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Having looked through a lot of websites, at various wedding dresses, I have discovered the same photographs have been reappearing on numerous sites, with the wording direct from my factory.  Anyway I decided to purchase a wedding dress being niave, it was a buy it now price £24.99 with postage of £70.00 plus £3.00 postage and packing.  The Photograph showed a very expensive designed dress and I thought I would order it.  The  dress arrived in a padded envelope A3 size, with a veil and stole, the veil had a paper edging around it like you would find on a paper doiley, the dress did not resemble the photo in any way, the finish on the dress was so amaturish I could have wept, the zip was badly put in, the material was substandard.  I cannot return this dress as they will not refund the postage.  I unfortunately did not check out the feed back at the time of ordering, now I note that this is private, so that people cannot read how they have been scammed. Girls, please be warned be careful about buying from some of these chinese companies, you'll only get your fingers burnt. 
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