Like if this guide is helpful

this is my guide about planning a wedding at the mo i am planning my wedding and it is going ok. but you no what weddings are like cost so much money.

but this is my guide about saving you money on your wedding.

well as you may well no you can ge some bargains on here and for my wedding i have.

i got my wedding dress on here my bridesmaid dress and lots of other stuff. its great i have save so much money by buying my stuff on ebay. some of the stuff on here is cheaper in the shops but please becareful come of the stuff on here you can get cheaper in the shops.

also a little bit of advice you can get some stuff from amazon i was suprised when i looked on there for stuff but you can get things from there.

so come on people look for a bargain and look on ebay

you can save loads of money!!!!!



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