weddings on a budget

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Planning your wedding can be a difficult task.Plan well ahead from booking the ceremony, to  going on your honeymoon

Last minute preparations can be stressful.

Begin planning a year ahead

Many items can be bought on a budget or hand crafted by family and friends.Pick up craft books(second hand) for loads of inspiration.Make your own table decor,name cards,invitations etc

Opt for pretty hair accessories which don't cost the earth, or again see if family and friends have hidden talent, and are available to make them for you(every item then would be unique and personal to you.Something to treasure for years)

Use flower hair accessories to make corsages,add safety pin to make a brooch or button hole,add to alice band or side comb. Also great for making your own goth,pagan hair accessories for weddings or special occasions Please look in my ebay shop for these items

Diy wedding hair

Save money by doing your own wedding hair.Practice several styles before your wedding day.Once you have found the style which suits you best, wear your hair this way for the whole day.Check to see how long it will hold for.Do your curls fall out,does your hair go flat

Spray on hair spray gradually.only apply before putting on your veil or you will end up turning your veil yellow.

When fixing your hair put on a button thru shirt  to avoid struggling with tight t-shirts and ruining your hair do

Comb the internet for hair styles which you can try at home.Some give instructions on how to accomplish them, and free of charge

Have your mum or a friend help you choose the style that suit you

Look for hair accessories,experiment with silk flowers,rhinestone hair clips,natural flowers,leaves,ribbon, feathers. Be creative

Don't change your hair style before your wedding day or dye your hair.Trying different styles is best this wear you can easily change if you are unhappy with it

Use the same shampoo, conditioner,hair spray you normally use You don't want to find you are allergic to a certain product at the last minute

Style your hair no more than a couple of hours before your wedding, for the best results

Table decor/decoration

collect jars,decorate with cellophane,or tissue paper,and tied with curly ribbon,add flowers

Use vases,fill with sliced lemon or oranges,add single flower

Use large candles.Make your own candle rings, out of flowers,tinsel,ribbon,leaves,pine cones

Use clear decorative bowls filled with coloured water and floating candles

Decorate table with a few sprinkles of confetti mainly around the centre piece,or instead of confetti use potpourri, dried lavender,small pine cones,shells, pebbles.Natural material can always be found on a country walk and sprayed to your chosen colour

Decorate ends of table with large bow,balloons,hearts,flowers

Make flowers from tissue paper and decorate end of tables,pews,place in vases

Make hearts decorated with laces places at end of tables, pews,make small versions for place settings


Have a friend or family member help

Purchase sweet moulds,make your own sweets/candy wrapped coloured tissue or cellophane and tied with curly ribbon

Make  biscuits wrap in the same manner

Purchase seeds and bulbs/Or follow a theme

Make small folder with a photo of the happy couple inside and personalize.Decorate with ribbon on one side

decorate cardboard tubes with tissue paper,cellophane,tie with ribbon and bow pop sweets,biscuits,or favour of your choice inside


Purchase small baskets decorate with lace and ribbon and fill with  accessories

Give dolly bag, fill with small cosmetic products

Small gift box or jewellery box with necklace inside with bridesmaids name on it

Remember with all gifts to add a personal note



Make a CD of his favourite songs

Present him with a personalized gift certificate for a meal at your new home or similar( once you are all settled in)

Give him a collection of small after shave bottles if he's the kind that likes to smell nice

Buy him a pass to play paintball, go carting, golf, bowling

If he's a chocolate lover make him up a gift box of all the chocolate bars he loves

How to make your own veil

P.s  will add more later



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