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i have noticed that someone is selling weight watchers products on ebay, just to let you all know that these are sometimes DOUBLE the price or MORE than you would pay at a meeting.

If you are a weight watchers member you can go into any meeting and purchase these products for a lot less money, (suppose you can even if your not a member who knows) i cant see why you as a buyer should have to pay over the odds for these when whoever sells them doesnt have to pay for them- they are to sell in the meeting for weight watchers as a company. I have been a member of weight watchers for over 2 yrs losing just over 2 stone to get to my goal, and I am just trying to support the leaders who do a fab job and bring the products to meetings every week.

for example the starter packs in a meeting are 9.95 not £17 plus p&p

a packet of 5 bars are £2.10.

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