wessex teak

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dont buy off this so called company,i waited for 5 months for delivery of my garden furniture and still not arrived,got numerous delivery dates,never arrived ,ebay will not help because over 60 days since auction won  but listings state to allow 75 days for delivery ebay told me to go to police ,kept phoning them kept getting new delivery dates

check there feedback carefully ,1pence listings  is where they get their feedback from,and buyers removed their negative feedback after wessex teak told them they would get their stuff if they removed it,ebay should really do something about this company,they are giving  ebay a bad name,dont be tempted by low prices you probably have to wait 5 to 7 months honestly for your furniture,if you get it at all,and you will have to phone a number of times even then its just a message you listen too until you   jest you want to pay or buy for something , i have been contacted by other buyers who have not received their furniture,they must be the worst company on ebay DO NOT BID ON ANY OF THEIR AUCTIONS YOU WILL REGRET IT READ THEIR FEEDBACK YOURSELF



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