wessex teak again

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PLEASE watch out for this company they do not contact you with a delivery date unless you neg them in feedback then they get you to withdraw it with promise of delivery and write an agresive reply to your feedback.

I paid for my goods 15/3/08 and luckily started a paypal dispute so they refunded me. I have not seen 1 feedback since 15/3 from someone who has actually received the furniture set I ordered even though they sell them on ebay reguarly.

Most of the positive feedback is for 1p or £1 items.

I see they have started calling their customers who neg them scum! Hopefully this puts any other buyers off I would never have bought anything from them if I had seen that.

NOTE; if they have called you names on feedback you CAN and MUST report them to EBAY.

I notice today that they have made their feedback private. Obviously they are running scared but if you call people who neg you 'bottom feeder' and 'scum' you should be afraid.

Sorry but if you buy from these guys after all these bad reviews don't be surprised if you waste your money.

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