western union / money transfers

Like if this guide is helpful

There are a few sellers who only accept money transfers / western union.- mostly sellers from China.

Check their feedback 1st.

You may find positive feedback, however it will be good ebayer or something ... or something in chinese. If you check the people giving positive feedback, they also have feebback from the same group.

Most of the items they have received feedback for, are items costing 1 few pence.

Please ask yourself 1 thing.

Will I be sure I will receive my item if I paid via western union to someone on the other side of the world?

I did it once for a phone and guess what .......... yep you won the 1st prize.

Dont be a sucker. once you have posted the money via western union, they collect it from a nominated place and you are then another victim.

Wages a little while ago was 25p an hour - it may be a little more now.

So you can see how profitable it is to make money out of us..

Hope this is useful

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