what happens in home and away for the coming year

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zoe mcallisters alive, she gets caught and escapes yet again when martha and jack get  married, bomb goes off sgt pete is dead, martha and kim and i think robbie and mattie badly burned so racheal the dr charters a plane to take them all to hospital, that crashes of course and no one can be found for days and days, meanwhile a devestated tasha and jack have a moment in hospital tehn every ones found.

the new kid whose grandma is in hospital gets a fixation on kim, kills his gran and accuses racheal of inarrpopiate behaviour to him.

lucas goes off the rails big style.

pete is found to have a secret son who comes to live with leah and dan, he is an arsonist and burns various things, amanda finds out she is the mother of belle (her mother told her her baby had died and secretly adopted her out),

amanda has come back to make a film about the bay and after wrangling with irene finally gets belle to move in with erh, belle wnds up going out with the errant son of peter and they both cause lots of meyhem.

tasha goes away with martha for a break but they get kidnapped by momma rose who kidnaps racheal and tries to force her to perfrom a ceaserian on tasha.

Racheal loads a syringe with a sleeping drug but as she tries to jab momma rose it goes into tasha, martha escapes and gets the police to rescue tasha just in time.

Tasha has a girl adn robbie bonds with the baby but tasha does not.


Sally finds herself and a new teacher who ends up taking the job she has applied for as head getting close till she finds he has a wife who is terminally ill, so she has to try and help him come to terms with his wifes upcoming death and befreinds them both.


Cassie adn mac (marthas brother ) are reunited shen he comes back from his job but he starts hitting her, sally finally finds out and goes mental.

He boggs off.

Cassie goes back with rick but when macca turns back up she realsies she still wants him.

Alf falls in love.

His name is diago and he is a spanish fisherman who moves to the bay to have a peacfull retirement.

alf struggles with the fact this makes him gay so they both decide to be together only on fishing trips and to hide the secret of their love.

Unfortunaly on one such occasion they dont realise that kims father had stowed away and he sees tehm in a act of love making and declares his love for alf, he and diago get into a huge fight and alf gets accidently stabbed through the heart, his last words are 'you ripper!"

ok i made the alf bit up but kims dad did kill josh as he was about to black mail him when he found out he had killed his wife years earlier and kim leaves teh bay after a woman accuses him of sexual assault!!

right did that spoil it for you? cant remember any more so that was me good night!!!

BTW loved steve irwin to death but you know i joke about everything so here is my own made up jooke!

Steve would have survived his injury if he had only applied sun tan lotion before swimming!

Afterall sun tan lotion protects against harmfull rays!

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