what you need to know about buying watches

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as the title says, this guide will hopefully help you find a few facts about buying watches from ebay.

1. if a seller is selling a watch and they say in the listing that they purchased it from somewhere, check their feedback and see if they have recently bought it and are trying to sell it for more. if this is the case you should be able to find the watch cheaper somewhere on ebay!

2. if you purchase a watch for a low price with a huge rrp (recommended retail price) it probably is not a good idea to get it valued at a jewellers. this is mainly because the watch could be stolen. a jeweller will be able to tell as most expensive time pieces have unique serial codes on the back.

3. when you recieve a watch try not to leave feedback straight away, this is becuase it could be semi faulty. from a past experiance i know that i left feedback and then later in the week it stopped working!! after leaving feedback you cant really do anything! it is very frustrating.

4. this is obvious. if the seller is selling expensive watches check feedback. if they have never sold them before and all of a sudden they have a huge load the chances are they are stolen! if they are only selling one it could be ok as it might be an unwanted gift etc.

5. this links to number 4. if the seller has a rolex for example with a rrp of £2000 and it is selling for an unbeliviable price ( £30 for example) they are probably ripping you off. it might be a fake or they might not even have the watch at all!!

6. if you are buying a watch that is pretty expensive make sure that they have a returns policy. this way if the watch breaks or is fake, you should be able to send it back with no problems. this way you basiclly have nothing to lose... apart from postage of course.

7. all power sellers get the occasional negative feedback but if they have several of the same complaint it shows that something is clearly wrong. for example i saw a nice watch going for a cheap price but when i looked at feedback the seller had over 10 negative's saying that the watch they recieved was fake! this put me off and possibly prevented me from being dissapointed.

8. some sellers put that the watch is a fake/replica in very small writing. check the listing extremly carefully 

i will be writing more reviews in the future.

any questions that i have not answered above?? message me with any queries.


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