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Recently I had a seller from hell experience that is still continueing as you read this.

My guide is to warn you what to expect when a transaction does go wrong & you then need to get help from ebay or paypal or both.

1 month ago I bought what was described/ phrased/ pictured as a high spec laptop.

What I got sent was a heap of junk low spec sorry excuse for a laptop.

So you think no sweat I'll notify paypal as I'm covered with their "buyer protection".

Well I'm still actually waiting to see what this buyer protection thing actually does in the way of protecting the buyer, I haven't seen any protection come my way since I tried to make my this laptop "is significantly not as described" claim/ dispute because it's a totally different laptop.

At 1st paypal tried a number of ways to say that I wasn't entitled to any buyer protection, but after I pointed out & provided some proof that I was, they said ok yes you are entitled to it, send the laptop back via a trackable method, give us the tacking number & after checking things we'll refund you.

I did all that + I even emailed them a scanned very readable copy of the actual royal mail receipt with the tracking number on it (all at my expense b.t.w. the recorded deliver return) Upon checking at royal mail the laptop was delivered, so you'd think your refund would be forth coming. Wrong.

Paypal have said their waiting on the sellers response to something or other, who knows what eh.

Next you know mr seller man is no longer an ebay  member & paypal are still messing me around with we're waiting to hear back from the seller stories...

So my advise in case of things going wrong is this i guess then, JUST PRAY THAT NOTHING DOES GO WRONG, OTHERWISE PAYPAL OR EBAY won't do too much to help you or care too much to help you.

I hope this guide proves useful to any ebayers out there who think their protected when/ if things go wrong, you might want to think again regards what being protected means then eh...

Just to update you's on this 1.

Paypal asked me to provide proof of postage on the return of the laptop to the seller, so I did.

Today I got an email from Paypal saying that the proof I provided them with was invalid (I gave them a royal mail tracking number & a photo copy of my royal mail receipt b.t.w.) I get no refund case closed.

If you visit royalmail.com it clearly says the seller received the item & even provides a proof of his signature, so now paypal are refusing to pay me my £255.00 oh + it cost £8+ to send the seller the item back, PAYPAL CLAIM THE TRACKING INFO IS INVALID (DV607624316GB)

Feel free to checkout that tracking info at royalmail.com

So it looks like I may have to take paypal to court over this 1 as it appears "BUYER PROTECTION" doesn't actually exist or they live in a state of denial

Thx Julie...



Eventually i get my paypal refund after trying & trying & trying & trying...

I guess if things do go wrong with a paypal buy & you do have buyer protection = you will have 1 hell of a fight on your hands because paypal will try any excuse to avoid having to pay you.

My advice is ALWAYS keep copies of emails/ postage receipts/ url links etc.. & never give up the fight to get YOUR money back, as when your in the right & paypal eventually realise you would even go to court to get your money back = they'll then refund your OWED money.

I hope this guide will be of help to many of you's & you follow my advice about keeping records/ copies of everything, but above all else I hope if something like this ever happens to you that PAYPAL react in a more professional manner than they did to me, I'm still waiting on any type/ form of an apology for the hassle all this caused... who knows maybe 1 day they'll apoligise for their appalling behaviour on this 1, I can but hope.

Thx Julie...

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