why use a hair treatment

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Did you know you should be using a intensive treatment on your hair?


Intensive treatments are a must for your hair, a regular intensive treatment will replenish restore an put back the life to your hair no matter what your hair type.

Getting onto a regime of a weekly treatment is an essential, i tell all my clients,and there usual,answer is " but i always use conditioner ", to which i would answer, when you use a face mask as well as your normal moisturizer you really notice the difference in your skin, it's the same for your hair,its just like having a facial you look great and glow with confidence.

Do the same for your hair, depending on your hair type ,condition and make of treatment, you use them in different ways. But a general rule of thumb for a pre- shampoo treatment is apply to wet dirty hair, cover with a plastic cap or cling film for 20/30 Min's to keep in the heat and stop the product from drying out, then wash and use you normal conditioner.For a post wash treatment, wash your hair, towel dry, apply your product,gently comb it through and again sit in your plastic cap for about 30 Min's rinse and your done.

It doesn't matter which treatment you use although the more expensive ones are normally the best, no half measure here 'I'm afraid, but just use the best you can afford there well worth it. And remember your hairdresser is the best one to tell you which one is best for you and if they can't try another salon or contact us

So give it a try use one a week, for about four weeks and your hair will never have looked better,  whatever your hair type.

hair treatments you might like to try

Philip Kingsley-Elasticizer Extreme £23.50

Philip Kingsley- Elasticizer £23.50

Alterna -Caviar Hair Mask £33.50

Joico-K-Pack Intense Hydrator £13.95

Joico- K-Pack Deep Penetrating Reconstuctor £13.95

all of these can be found on our ebay site most for  less than the prices shown above

kind regards.


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