wii fit don't pay greedy profiteers

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Hi, now the wii fit might be an excellent innovation and also very popular being that not one single retailer has it in stock, (speaking from experience of searching the web and shops ) but why are some people quite happy to pay well over the actual price of £70 .I don't intend to critisize people who do but it is because of  those people that the price of wii fit is so high. If every E-Bayer just refused to pay the £100 + then delivery on top of that, then the so called "E Bay power sellers" would have to lower the price to the actual selling price, or they would be left with them, which in turn might stop them from buying so many and therefore enabling joe public to purchase from the web or store. So come on let's stop getting ripped off by the profit mongers and make E-Bay the web site it set out to be,Lets hope the  E-Bay powers that be take note and also start clamping down.One last note I'm all for making profit but £40 + even in some cases more is just silly.JUST DON'T BUY   
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