woodburner fan saves on gas bill

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After doing some extensive research on wood burning stove fans, I opted for a valiant like the one in the picture but one with four blades rather than two blades. I opted for four blades going by the reviews I had read on places like amazon.
Valiant had the best reviews overall and although there are cheaper ones on the market I prefer to go for the better reviews and the price.
It is also silent and you do not even know it is there as it's blades spin round dispersing the heat around the room.
I was a little unsure if it would work, but (big smiley face) It does work. Not only haven't I had the heating on yet.... its now 11th November but I am also using less logs.
Its really easy to use. place at the side or back of the wood burner. Light your stove and as the heat builds up the fan blades start to turn........
The only thing I would recommend is a flue thermometer so you do not ruin the fan by having your wood burner too hot.
Would I recommend this product........... A big fat yes if you are looking at saving money on your heating bills ......... #Bzzagent

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